Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My 2nd step dad got me pregnant

i'm only 15 years old and I know its hard to speak up specially with my condition right now but i tried if its for my near coming baby sake. My story is not simple though i know i'm not the only girl who have this kind of situation. i'm so thankful that i meet a woman while i'm on my way to the city.

I move out from home with out nothing but the money i took from my mother. I want to escape away from my step dad and from my mother. I don't know what to do that time and that all i know is i want to go somewhere else. While inside the bus i was crying and the woman beside me was worried thinking whats going on with me. its a 6 hours ride and with a slow voice i was able to relate her my story.

Though, at first she was not convince thinking that it was my boyfriend got me pregnant.
i saw her some lashes and it was my mother who did it, Yes, my mother did it when she found out that i am pregnant. i tried to tell her that it was my step dad did it but she didn't believe me thinking it was my boyfriend and so she hit me leaving several lashes. They tried to lock me up inside my room but i manage to escape while they were out.

I don't know where to go that time, I don't even know whose my real father is nor my mother's relatives as i grow up with only her and my first step dad as my only family and no nothing abou any relatives.
My mother is not that open to talk about her family and i don't bother to care. I have no courage to do things against her as i feel so scared. Not unless now.

I don' have boyfriend and that's for sure. my life became a mess 2 years ago when my 2nd step dad step into our home.

A lot of nightmare happened to me with him without my mother knowing about it. I keep it for myself as i was ashamed that people might going to laugh at me and i dont want my friends to stay away from me.